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This is the best blog ever.

I love you too!

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Okay like, I agree that the scene with Alana is not rape, but.... Why in the world do you think hannibal wouldn't go as far as raping someone? I mean? In the novels he keeps clarice drugged up when they go away together. And it's implied that their relationship is sexual at that point. So...he raped her.... His whole thing is about dominance and power. Rape seems like it would fall within that realm.

Okay yes, I should have made this clearer. I’m talking about this version of Hannibal and how I understand Bryan Fuller’s take on the character. I definitely wasn’t talking about Clarice in my previous posts?! That’s a whole different thing, a whole different universe, in fact (and yes he does rape her and it’s disgusting).

Of course my assessment might be off, but the way I see it Bryan’s Hannibal is - at least in some aspects - quite different from Harris’ Hannibal. Bryan has taken a lot of liberties with the characters (and storyline, obviously), and as I said, I am fairly certain that his version of the character wouldn’t rape anyone. Manipulate them into trusting and sleeping with him, sure. He’s all about playing God, and we’ve seen that making people emotionally dependent on him is his thing; sexual abuse on the other hand… I don’t see it.

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Maybe it wasn't rape, but what he did was still wrong.

Yeah, and so is torturing, killing and eating people. Or making them eat themselves (kudos, Abel). Or, I don’t know, keeping them locked up in a basement/hole in the ground for several years.

Of course he used Alana. Shocking, I know. And yes, he drugged her after the sex because he couldn’t risk her waking up during the night. But if you really think Hannibal would rape someone you really don’t understand his character at all.