hello heateus my old friend


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Anonymous asked:
Do you have Twitter ? If so what is your @

I do, but i tweet quite infrequently atm since my phone is still broken.

But anyway, it’s @bookofcatherin.

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I’m not dead & neither is this blog! This has been a hiatus PSA.


Best graphic maker 

  1. justcannibalthings
  2. haanigram
  3. idontfindyouthatinteresting
Anonymous asked:
Congratulations on co-winning in "Best Graphic Maker" category! You deserved it.

WHAT I hadn’t even realised the voting was closed yet! THANK YOU

hanniballecters asked:
Hey guys! Congrats, you were nominated for best graphics for the 2014 Hannibal Blog Awards! (A fan-run blog that celebrates the great people in the Hannibal Fandom! hannibalblogawards @ tumblr) Feel free to get your friends and followers to vote for you! Good luck :)

Cheers for letting me know & thank you so much to whoever nominated me!

If you enjoy my silly blog, feel free to vote for it here.

Anonymous asked:
Jesus christ, I love this blog. I just woke up, and I'm already giddy and smiling at this. You run a good blog!

It’s messages like this that keep me going in life.

Anonymous asked:
Hey friend I really like your blog good work you make my heart smile during this dark dark time of heateus.

Hello dearest friend, there are updates coming, I promise.